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I had my mother offer to take me for a haircut before I had went back to college, and I had accepted and was very excited. Me and my mother showed up around 12:20 to get the haircut, me and another man had shown up at the same time to get are haircuts. When we had both arrived we had to wait around for about 20 minutes with a few people in front of us. While we were waiting the time had fluctuated which made sense but a man had come in and just sat down in the lobby saying he checked in online and was waiting for a particular stylist. I was just patiently waiting for my haircut and then was watching the screen to notice my, but while I was watching I saw a name disappear so I had wondered if he had cancelled and went back to watching the television. Now while this was all going on the man had gotten up and went up to talk to one of the stylists. While they were talking I had caught bits and pieces of the conversation where the stylist that he was looking for was not here and then because he had not checked in at the store his name was dropped. In all of this he became quite upset and wanted a cut even though he had technically lost his place in line. So the stylist went and made him next pushing myself and the gentleman I came in with back another half an hour, which seemed highly unprofessional to push back multiple clients because one person had thrown a tantrum in the store. The man went and got his haircut and then had a wonderful time like he had done nothing to the people in the room. Then the man who came in with me began to talk to me how this was unacceptable and we didn't deserve this , I did understand where he was coming from as he was a regular there and I just come when I come back from my university to look great before I return. I did receive my haircut eventually after another half an hour around 1:00 to 1:15. It was a wonderful haircut but the stylist I had and the other one were more preoccupied with the other clients so I continued to feel shafted even while I was receiving the haircut. I wish I had not taken up my mother on the offer because it was not worth having my mother to wait for 2 hours for me to have a haircut and pay for horrific service. I do wish to say that I will not be recommending this salon to any friends or family because this was not worth the price and the wait. I do hope the staff treats other customers with respect especially if they are regulars like the other gentleman in the story who was also shafted. I am sad to say after 5 years of coming to these salons I will not be returning or referring anyone I know to this company.

Reply from Sport Clips Haircuts of Elgin :
Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experience. We apologize for this and would like an opportunity to turn this around. Would you email me at to discuss this further?

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Garrett M. | January 3, 2020 Service

"I had my mother offer to take me for a haircut before I had went back to college, and I had accepted" more